Kinection integrates everything under the spectrum of movement therapy to performance. We understand that the body is a network of various systems constantly working together. We holistically balance the physical, energetic, and chemical systems of the body through improved breathing, movement, and environment to guide the whole person to thier optimal flow state. Every client is guided through a completely unique program that requires evaluation, programming, and lifestyle change.

I’m an educator, coach, and manual therapist. My work aims to bridge the gap from rehab to performance by holistically restoring the physical, energetic, and chemical systems of the body. I guide each of my clients through their own customized process to get them to the goals they want as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I do this work with my private clients, and also educate and movement coaches and therapists so that they and their clients can live the most holistically healthy lives possible.



“I believe Ryan is going to be a huge mover in this industry.  “

Andy Hsieh


“It’s been a pleasure working with him and I am extremely grateful.  ”

Christoper Wolfe


“Ryan is without question the most superior coach and trainer you can go to in Los Angeles!”

Amanda Scheer, DC


“It is my hope that people will find someone like Ryan who leads with his heart and not his head “

Brian Nguyen


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I offer full body movement assessment, rehab, training, customized programming, and lifestyle change.

continuing education

I offer workshops, consulting, coaching development, and mentorship.

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ryan’s blog

Water Kinects to Everything

I’m not going to water down this subject whatsoever. Water is really important. Water is greatly undervalued and underappreciated by many. I feel this way because the most common answer I get when I ask someone how much water they drink is “a lot” or “I don’t know.”...

Making the Most Out of Rest

We all need rest. It’s a fact of life. When referring to rest we’re talking primarily about sleep and other times when the body is using the parasympathetic branch (rest and digest) of the nervous system more dominantly than the sympathetic branch (fight or flight)....

The Mobility And Stability Paradox

In the world of rehab, fitness, health, and wellness the words “mobility” and “stability” are tossed around like salads at Tender Greens. The challenge is that these catch words are used in many different contexts and are commonly misunderstood. Here is the...