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Born and raised in Southern California, I have been interested in health and fitness since I was an 11 year old, obese middleschooler. Changing my appearance is what motivated me to get a degree in nutrition from the University of Arizona where I also played water polo. While getting my degree, I began working with athletic trainers, physical therapists, and strength coaches on campus to better understand how all these practices worked together. 

After graduation, I got my CSCS and became eager to work with different populations. I started with Velocity Sports Performance in Manhattan Beach where I aided NFL Combine camps for elite NCAA athletes. Soon after, I became the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Beach Cities Swim Club and instructed youth athletes in on-land training programs that improved their swim training sessions. Simultaneously, I worked for BRIK Fitness: a high-end private gym in Redondo Beach. At BRIK, I worked alongside Brian Nyguen and coached a wide range of clients varying from Olympic athletes, celebrities, special needs, and business executives. 


What my clients didn’t know is that I was battling years of chronic shoulder, back, and hip pain thanks to years of inactivity as a child and then too quickly putting myself into training programs my body wasn’t ready for.

To better understand my pain and my client’s, I dove deeper into learning manual therapy and treatment modalities. I studied with numerous chiropractors and physical therapists in the South Bay while attending massage therapy school. I was then hired by the Human Garage in Venice as the Department Head for Rehabilitation and Training and worked there until I decided to go off on my own and create Kinection in 2018. As I constantly learn and grow my own practice, I apply the most direct, efficient, and integrative plan to get my clients to their goals.

I usually go by Ryan.

Sometimes Donnie.

I am a strength and conditioning coach and a manual therapist - although I don’t believe those titles fully encompass all that I do.


“Ryan has been huge training me--helping me learn how to squat, deadlift, do pull-ups, etc. in the most safe/healthy way--preventing me from injury while lifting heavy."


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I do this work because I am beyond enthusiastic about helping people better themselves in any way that can improve the quality of their lives. Because of the way our society has developed, I believe that one of the most impactful ways of intervention with people is through improving movement (and eventually everything else they are open to improving).


It brings so much joy to my heart to see people feel the benefits and improvements of moving better and getting out of pain and getting stronger. My own personal history of dealing with injuries, over-training, and health development has challenged me to constantly look for better methods for improving all aspects of life. Couple this with all of the people and experiences that I’ve encountered in the area of physical training, health, and wellness, and I have an incredible amount of passion to continue learning and innovating in the fitness and wellness space with longevity. It is a never-ending journey that constantly evolves.