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The process of working with me as a personal client starts with a free initial consultation, done over the phone or via Skype. Based on that, the next step is an assessment of where you are at physically. For anyone in the LA area, we do that assessment in-person at my facility in Santa Monica. For those located elsewhere, the assessment is done via Skype. Either way, it takes about 2 hours and covers medical history, training experience, biomechanical assessment, neurological assessment, and the game plan/timeline for achieving your goals.

 Most clients see me at least 1-2x/week for a long-term plan averaging 6-12+ months. The number of weekly sessions will vary as needed based on progress and re-evaluations. At the beginning stages of working with a new client there is a much heavier emphasis on holistic lifestyle modifications, nutritional strategies, meditation/mindfulness practices, manual therapy, and mobility training. Typically this is for the first 1-2 months of working together depending on the level of pain and number of injuries that we’re working on. From there we progress to focus on stability and strength in all basic movement patterns as well as lifestyle specific tasks. This can be a 3-6 month process depending on training background/age. From here clients can transition into more sport specific training routines. However in this stage clients must also be guided as to how to balance their sport specific training with corrective strategies that keep them from developing compensations/imbalances. All the while,  lifestyle, nutrition, and training are constantly being re-evaluated. Flexibility and mobility training is a constant practice that we look at as a skill to develop for the rest of our lives.

For my online clients, the process is different but similar. Because I can not physically work on these clients I carefully, thoroughly, and virtually show them how to use tools/props to manipulate their bodies.  The long term plan would be similar to that of an in-person private training client.

For both in-person and online clients, there will always be specific mobility homework that will evolve over time. Every client will start with however many movements they feel comfortable performing each day. As they master the movements and feel comfortable we will strive to develop a 1-hour movement practice as a habit. From here, we have established a great base from which to begin a training routine. If the client is more advanced than I can help make their training program more efficient as well as give them more specific mobility homework to streamline their results. 

learn with me

in person or online

Moving forward in my career I plan to continue working with private clients as well as a transition to doing more educating for other coaches/therapists in the field. This will be done in a similar way to my personal training clients – either in person here in Santa Monica or online. Either way, we start with a phone/skype consultation. Based on getting to know you as a coach / practitioner / therapist, we can work on a plan to improve the skills and areas of practice you want to work on and that dovetail with my abilities. I aim to bridge the gap from therapist to coach in a way that makes them seamlessly work together for your unique needs.  

I’m also developing some small-group and workshop options on specific topics to help coaches and therapists build out their toolkits. I’m currently developing a 6-8 week course and 1-2 day workshops. These courses will educate coaches/therapists on how to integrate the different styles of rehab, training, and performance to most efficiently help both them and their clients achieve their goals.

Additionally, I offer speaking engagements for many kinds of events, consulting work to help owners and managers of facilities improve process and practice, and on-site trainings to help upgrade the toolkits of the entire staff at your facility.

Just like with personal training clients I also want to eventually begin doing online education for coaches/therapists. At this point I envision doing a virtual 6-8 week course with a small group of coaches/therapists that focuses on making each other their practices more efficient. I can also show each of the participants how to better bridge the gap from rehab to performance by showing them assessment strategies, corrective exercises, progression schemes, and holistic lifestyle changes that will be applied uniquely to each of their clients. Additionally, if the participants have a personal issue they are trying to figure out (i.e getting themselves out of pain or learning how to do a new movement/activity) I can assist with their own personal development.

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